The Problem

The Synthetic Turf Council, the industry’s main trade group, estimates that there are roughly 15,000 synthetic-turf fields are in the U.S. alone, with some 1,200 to 1,500 new installations a year (each having an 8–10-year life span).

In one 2017 report, the Synthetic TurfCouncil projected that by the end of the decade (by 2020), at least 750 fields will need be replaced annually. The average field contains approximately 40,000 pounds of plastic carpet and 400,000 pounds of infill, according to the report. This means that as much as 330 million pounds of waste could require disposal every year!

The Solution

Sports arenas, stadiums, municipal parks and others throughout the world are increasingly using synthetic turf, but after a decade, even the highest quality turf is worn-out. In most cases, disposal of this turf means either incineration or landfilling – of which have irreversible negative impacts on our environment. By using the services of Eco-Cycle, pitch owners can dispose of their worn-out synthetic in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly way.

Eco-Cycle makes it possible to recycle worn-out synthetic turf without leaving any waste from the core components. The recycling process of Eco-Cycle results in clean, raw materials such as sand, backing, rubber and plastic fibre which can be used in new productions cycles and even used for installation of new synthetic turf pitches.


Eco-Cycle searches to be the worldwide economical and environmental solution in synthetic turf recycling.

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