From Harmful to Useful

First, we need to understand what is a circular economy to understand the benefits Eco-Cycle can bring to the industry. A circular economy is one defined by a production, exchange and consumption system aimed at optimizing the use of resources at all stages of the life cycle of a good or service, in a circular logic, while reducing the environmental footprint and by contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Eco-Cycle abides to this through its innovative recycling processing operations but also through industrial symbiosis in which the residues of one company becomes the raw material of another.

Environmental and Economical

The services provided by Eco-Cycle deliver obvious environmental benefits but also provides an economical solution to landfilling or incineration to the eventual purchase of raw materials.

In order to provide a more sustainable environment for generations to come, the choice is yours to prevent the incineration of worn-out turf therefore emitting tonnes of CO2 and other toxic substances into the environment.


Eco-Cycle searches to be the worldwide economical and environmental solution in synthetic turf recycling.

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